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January 8, 2021

Five Reasons to Invest in Branding Photography for Your Business

If you’re anything like me, you want to DIY as much of your business as possible. Still, somehow your photos seem to fall flat online. Your clients love to see your face, but when you do post photos, they lack the spice you’re longing for.

Maybe it’s my phone camera?

Maybe it feels repetitive?

You’re just never sure!

A branding session can bring the spice back into your business…

but why should you invest in branding photos?

Here are the top 5 reasons every business owner should invest in branding photography:

Marilla Kay Photography Brand Portrait


Personalized photos of you and your business allow your audience to connect with you.

Posting images of yourself to social media will allow your customers to feel a personal connection to you.

This is the number one reason I believe in branding photography!

Relationships always convert to sales.


Repetition helps us remember.

A cohesive and consistent set of images allows your business to have brand that your customers will remember and return to.

When they see your high quality images show up again and again on their feed consistently, clients are much more likely to remember your business when they’re ready to purchase.

Studies show that it can take up to seven times for an ad to be seen before the viewer acts.

Marilla Kay Photography Brand Photo


Images increase engagement.

Your dream client cannot buy what they cannot see!

According to HubSpot, “Facebook posts from brands that included images earned 87 percent of all engagements”

Allowing your customer to see you and your work gives them an opportunity to interact with you, and ask meaningful questions.

The more your audience sees you, the more likely they are to interact with your posts. It is so important that they can see who is on the other side of your marketing.

Real people buy from real people.


Professional images elevate the quality of your work and allow your clients to see the value of your work.

You didn’t spend thousands of hours developing your business for bargain shoppers. You’re ready for the clients who buy your product because they believe in you, and they believe your business is worthy of investing them!

If your business is reflected in its best light, your ideal client will be willing to invest in your product, but a diamond in the rough can be hard to trust.

Without accurate representation, you might as well be posting on Craigslist to find your dream clients.

A branding session polishes up the diamond of your business’ branding and allows it to shine!

Marilla Kay Photography Brand Photo


Allowing a professional to create a collection of images for you will save so much time for you!

I want to give you the gift of time.

Running a business is hard… the backend of business is why so many businesses fail. If you have a great product, but can’t keep up with the endless tasks, you’re bound to fail.

It’s time to delegate. When you book a branding session, you will have an entire curated selection of images to pull from whenever you need them.

No more scrambling for a quick iPhone selfie or using a random object as a tripod to capture your work. We can capture photos for every marketing need in just one photography session!

Marilla Kay Photography Brand Portrait

If you feel like it’s time to beef up your marketing with a branding session, I would love to chat! >>

Marilla Kay Photography Brand Photo

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