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Life looks different than it did in 2010! I've grown as a human & my little family has grown. My husband & I did the insane "two under two" thing & now we have a two & a half year old & a one year old. This business allows me to stay home with my favorite little humans most days while working & I am honored to be able to do both!

I've been in love with art & creative work since the beginning. Growing up, my mom called my room a "disaster zone" because you could step on a sewing pin, a pile of new drawings, or my latest craft project on any given day. When I graduated high school, I knew I want to be an artist, and I chose art studies with a photography emphasis. That was 2010 & I haven't looked back since! 


I adore the art of a
good coffeeshop.

I found myself in the beautiful hubbub of a coffee shop in college. I read Plato, edited photos, created my first website, & learned contentment in quiet moments.

I fell in love with my husband in Turkish coffee shops & I feel more in love every day when I walk into one of the two coffee shops that he created here in Oregon.


Cities rich with history make me feel at home.

Texture crafted by the hands of history, worn by thousands of years of touch, colors ingrained in the culture of a people rooted by a shared history & life, the smells of a cuisine so unique... it all gets me excited! I love to travel and historical cities are my favorite to explore. I'll never get tired of it.

(P.S. This is our favorite coastal village in northern Turkey.)


I forage for beauty.

There are tens of thousands of photos on my phone's camera roll: shadows on my daughter's face at golden hour, a new leaf unfurling on my plant, texture that stunned me with its simple beauty... I delight in it all.

This year, I added a flower garden to our yard & have had glorious bouquets throughout our home. It is pure joy to catch a glimpse of glory casually sitting in a vase at the dinner table.


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